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Face and Body Sculpting

 Face and Body Sculpting

You have dieted and exercised and there are still stubborn areas of fat that will not go away. Your reason for choosing face & body sculpting procedures may be as simple as just wanting to look better in your clothes. While The Best candidates for Body Sculpting

  Have firm, elastic skin and are in good health
  Have tried to eliminate bulges through diet, exercise & weight loss.
  Have distinct areas of localized fat that are disproportionate to the rest of their body.
  Have realistic expectations and are only slightly to moderately overweight.
  Understand that laserlipolyser, Mesotherapy  etc are not the substitute for weight loss.


Latest Face & Body procedure include
Latest Face & Body procedure include

Mesotherapy is a cellulite treatment technique originating in Europe in the 1950s and becoming increasingly popular and gaining acclaim for its results throughout North & South America and now in India.

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A square jaw line in many Asian woman is not caused by the bone of the jaw, but by an overactive muscle that inserts at the very angle of the jaw, bulging that portion outward.

     Botulinum Toxin injections can relax the lower part of that muscle with out interfering with speech or chewing. The result is rounder, softer, more pleasing jaw line

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 Radio Frequency

Nonablative radiofrequency was the first method of noninvasive tissue contraction. It is safe and effective method.

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 Laser Lipolysis (IDENTIFY THE LINK)

The procedure is done by introducing a fine fibreoptic probe under the skin which delivers laser energy, which breaks up the fat cells (called “lipolysis” hence the name

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 Fat Transfer

The purpose of a fat transfer is to give the face more definition and volume, as well as, a more youthful appearance. A desired look is achieved by filling in fine lines or wrinkles and modifying the shape of the cheek and chin areas. Common areas for a fat transfer are the hollow are under the eyes, the upper and lower lip, and smile lines.

     A series of injections is typically needed to achieve a successful result. Some redness, swelling, and bruising are common after each procedure. It is realistic to allow 7-10 days of “down-time” for recovery.

Chin & neck Rejuvenation refers to a procedure with which double chins are removed and sagging necks are tightened, making the whole chin area more pronounced & youthful appearing.

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