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Botox Botox

The technical name for BOTOX®  used in cosmetic procedure is Botulinum toxin Type A

What is BOTOX® ?

BOTOX is the most popular wrinkle reduction treatment.It is a natural,purified protein that relaxes the wrinkle causing muscles,creating a smoothened rejuvenated and a more youthful appearance. It’s a simple non-surgical procedure that smoothens the deep persistent facial lines which develop over time.

BOTOX®  can temporarily smooth those moderate to severe dynamic wrinkles like frown lines between your brows forehead lines or crows feet around the eyes with no surgery and no recovery time. An improvement can be seen within seven days, lasting for up to 4 to 6 months

BOTOX®   treatment is the fasters – growing cosmetic procedure in the country Dr. Taneja  is among the most experienced when it comes to tissue fillers & BOTOX®.

 Indication for BOTOX®  include

Frown lines
Crow’s feet
Forehead lines
Eyebrows lifting
Turn up corners of the Mouth
Perioral lines
Neck Bands
Facial contouring
Excessive sweating

Indication of botox

How is it performed ?

  botox treatment

A very small amount of BOTOX®  is injected with a very fine needle into several locations in the face. Because the needle is so fine and only a small amount of liquid is used, the pain associated with the procedure is minimal . The sensation is similar to a fly or ant bite. No sedation or local anesthetic is required and  you will be able to drive and engage in your daily activities immediately after your injections. 

Are there any side effects?

Botox® is approved by US FDA or cosmetic use, thereby declaring it a safe product .There is no report of serious allergic reactions or other significant side effects, except for minor side effects such as Bruising.BOTOX® has been in use for over 15 years and is safely in long term use has been well established. Dr. Taneja will discusses this with you at  length before  your  injections.

Aftercare – Ice may be applied off and on the first 24 hrs to decrease bruising &  swelling.
                   You may reapply makeup on hour after the injections if desired

 BOTOX®  for Wrinkles/Lines

BOTOX® the protein complex, works well for dynamic wrinkles, i.e. wrinkles which become apparent when one makes expressions. It’s a simple non-surgical procedure that smoothens the deep persistent facial lines which develop over time. There are various solutions in the market which promise to fight wrinkles. But then it’s not the numbers but the effectiveness of each solution that counts. People have been using various anti-wrinkle solutions but are mostly left dissatisfied by their tall claims. What most people fail to understand is that wrinkles can only be removed if the applied solution either works on contracted muscles which cause wrinkles or expands the volume of the skin .Creams work on just the upper surface of the skin.


  Glabellar Frown Lines

Frown Lines Before Frown Lines after
Before After  

   Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet before Crow’s Feet after
Before After  

   Horizontal Forehead Lines

Forehead Lines before Forehead Lines after
Before After  

BOTOX® for  Facial Contouring

If  your jaw line is broad due to overactive landscape, than BOTOX®  is definitely the way to go. BOTOX®  is injected in the jaw muscles to try to shrink the face contour in to a more egg – shaped face. BOTOX®  is a non- surgical approach to create a more youthful facial contour. The muscles gradually recede in size resulting in a more pleasing oval shape to the face.

Facial Contouring before Facial Contouring after
  Before 0 Months Age 35 Years After One Months  

 BOTOX® For Hyperhydrosis – (Excessive Sweating)

Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis, is caused by stimulation of the sweat glands by nerve endings which descend from higher centers in the brain.

Most people with excessive sweating are bothered primarily when they are emotionally stressed, physically active, or over – heated. BOTOX®  can prevent sweating for months by blocking the release of the neurotransmitter, i.e, acetylcholine, from the nerve endings, that causes the glands to produce sweat.

Anyone  with an increased or problem of palms & underarm  sweating
Anyone who worries about sweating through their clothes
Anyone working in hot condition, such as models, television personalities and chefs
Anyone making public presentations, including executives, attorneys, and salesman
Anyone working in close contact with other such as hairstylist, nurses, physicians, dentists, hygienists, & flight attendants
Anyone who would like to wear fine fabrics, sleeveless shirts & blouses, or who would  like to take their jacket off
Meso BOTOX®  

Meso BOTOX®   is the latest meso therapy technique for refining and rejuvenating the face !

Micro injections of very small doses of BOTOX® with generous doses of vitamins and hyaluronic acid are distributed superficially all over the face to diminish fine wrinkles without muscle paralysis and to improve sheen of the skin.
Patients feel that their face looks lifted & firmer and their skin texture more refined after a session of this innovative treatment.

This treatment is excellent for rejuvenating the rest of the face after BOTOX®   treatment for the major frown lines and wrinkles.

Meso botox is very very popular among the youth of South East Asia and Europe.
selectively targeting the masseter facial muscles (the cheek muscles) doctor can cause relaxation of these muscles.

Advance Botox

 Advance BOTOX®  include a non surgical brow lift & nose lift.

BOTOX®  can dramatically change the shape of face by relaxing the muscles “pulling down” on the features. A “brow lift”  is performed by relaxing the muscles just underneath the eyebrow the muscles above the eyebrow are now unopposed &  lift the brow higher. In a similar fashion the septal muscles below the nose can be relaxed resulting in an upturned, more  “button – like” look
Advance Botox Advance Botox
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