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Dear, Dr. Taneja, our family is so grateful for the wonderful improvement in shilpa’s life that you and your kind sensitive staff have made possible as a teenage she become increasingly demoralized, withdrawn and embarrassed with the way her ache made her appear, even though she know it was not her fault, she hated having her picture taken. We tried every over-the-counter acne product and even ordered a product we saw on TV but nothing helped as a patient, you have always welcomed her as a personal friend, encouraged her and focused on the positive future, and here she is, a few month later, a sophomore in college, with beautiful skin, confident, out –going and ready to take on the world, our family thanks you and your outstanding staff from the bottom of our heart for the wonderful job you did at cleaning up Shilpa’s acne and letting her true, beautiful personality.
Shilpa from Calcutta


I had just recently moved to I.I.T Delhi and I was looking for a clinic to continue my treatment. I looked into a couple of clinics and decided on your National Skin Center. There staff is very friendly and not intimidating. The doctor Taneja is very experienced, and listens to all the concerns I was having. I was very pleased with the results, and would not hesitate to go back for more treatments

Aprajita from Bomabay


For the past 5 years I’ve had a lot of problems with sweating of the armpits which caused me lots of problems with socialising and wearing certain types of clothing. I sought medical advice from various clinics but wasn’t really helping. Then I came across National Skin Center, located at South Ex-I, called them the same day and they reassured me that treatment would be safe. It’s been 5 months and hardly a drop of sweat - it’s amazing. The best thing was treatment by doctor Taneja was painless. No doubt treatment by Doctor Taneja is a miracle treatment

Rehana From Dubai


Having tried and tested many conventional and non-conventional methods of treatments for my persistent acne, I finally found that laser offered significant improvement and fast. After only two treatments my active spots were healed. Being of National Skin Center, South Ex-I,New Delhi, , I also have the reassurance of being treated with lasers suitable for my skin. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone frustration and affected by recurrent outbreaks of acne.

Hinton from Spain


Came from Syria for a consultation, the Doctor immediately gave me the confidence to go ahead with treatment. I have had acne since I was 11. Already there is a big improvement. I used to apply eight layers of foundation before I went out now down to two layers. I am happy to make the journey from London to be treated by a doctor I feel I can trust. The doctor says there is no reason my skin cannot be completely clear with continued treatments. I have regained so much of my self confidence. Thank you Dr. Navin Taneja !

Mahira Kwhaza from Syria


I am so pleased with the results and felt confident on my holidays. I can now wear skirts and dresses once again without any comments about "my nasty bruises" (this is what they had begun to look like) Dr Taneja is friendly, very informative and extremely professional and I would highly recommend him and his team at National Skin Center, South Ex-I,New Delhi.

Vedika from Kochin


I am very pleased with the Restylane treatment I had recently. The effect is a totally natural looking reduction of lines and wrinkles to my face and there were no side effects whatsoever. I would certainly recommend it.

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