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Dermal fillers-Restylane

Dermal Fillers

Collagen, hyaluronic acid and fat are part of the natural support structure of the skin. With ageing and sun exposure, We lose volume and elasticity in our face. These fillers replenishes the skin is collagen layer, smoothing lines, wrinkles and scars, and adding definition to lip borders form the inside out.

            The latest tissue filler include Cozsmoderm & Cosmoplast, hyaluronic acids (Restylane, Perlane, Hylaform, Juvederma), Rediesse, sculptra and silicon 1000. Depending on the types of wrinkles or scans, we can discuss the best filler option.

Why you should go for temporary/hyluronic acid fillers procedure ?

Dermal Fillers
  No risk of allergic reaction. Hence no preliminary test required
  No downtime, you can immediately return to your social & working life
  Bio – compatible with human body, Hence high safety profit
  Immediate, long lasting result
 Dermal fillers for volume filling of static lines, wrinkles & folds
Static wrinkles are the wrinkles and fold that develop with atrophy or loss of the support structures for the skin of the face. The loss occurs in collagen and elastin that provide the skin with structure and fat, muscle and bone underlying the skin. With this atrophy the  skin is less able to hold itself so sagging starts and wrinkles, lines & folds become constant. Dermal fillers are injected beneath the wrinkle or line to “fill in” or ‘plump up’ the depression.
static lines wrinkles & folds
Before After
 Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation can be carried out in two steps; pouting and contouring. To create a  more pronounced mouth and fullers lips.

Pouting and contouring

            To create a more pronounced mouth & fuller lips, the crystal – clear NASHA – gel is injected into the inside of the upper and / or lower lip. This is after combined with a marking of the vermilion border (lip line) by injecting the gel alone the lip line. The lines that goes up to towards the nose (philtrum ridges) can be defined by injecting the gel in the lines. To achieve an optimal result a combination of these steps is after used.

1.    A local anaesthetic injection or cream is usually given  to remove any discomfort

2.    Treatment usually take around 20 to 30 minutes. RESTYLANE® is injected into the middle  layer of the        dermis and is used for deeper lines and wrinkles and for lip augmentation.
       Perlane is injected in to the deeper dermis for nasolabial folds and lip augmentation

Lip augmentation Lip augmentation
 Facial and Body Contouring

It’s surprising what a small modification to the chin or cheeks can do to change your appearance and boost your self-esteem. With RESTYLANE® subQ – and innovative nonsurgical treatment you instantly enhance you appearance by adding volume to create outstanding facial definition.

            This new treatment option is ideal if you wish to enhance your features after fatty tissue loss or are looking for sculpted facial contours, especially around your chin & cheeks.

Body Contouring

RESTYLANE® vital is a smooth NASHA – gel that hydrates the skin to improve its elasticity and tone, thereby creating a naturally fresh, healthy and youthful look. Treatment areas for hydration/volume are face, neck, décolletage, hands.

  Patient who want to create a more defined facial contour through chin or cheek enhancement
  Patents who have lost fatty tissue, in hands and wants to restore or create a youthful appearance
Hydration before Hydration after
Before After
 Depressed Scars

Hyaluronic acid injection (RESTYLANE®) materials are injected into the depressed area of the scar to elevate it to the level of the normal surrounding skin. Results are temporary, lasting 6 month to 1 yr and are effective only in depressed scars. Its can be used in acne scars, chicken pox scars and depressed scars.

Depressed Scars before Depressed Scars after
Before After
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